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Vertigo is your swiss army knife in the skies. She can do it all: cruise world tours in absolute comfort, STOL the shortest strips in a challenging environment or fly - and win - air races. Inspired by Mike Patey's "Turbulence", she has the same blood running through her veins: the legendary PT6A 850HP turbine engine. Add to that a 6 bladed constant speed prop plus a composite airframe and you've got a competitive racer.

Vertigo runs on jet fuel, has a topspeed of 365kts, can climb at 12,000fpm and rolls at 150 degrees per second.
She can go nearly vertical right after take-off and still accelerate. Or cruise great distances in comfort and style. 

At her core you'll find a heavily retrofitted JMB VL-3, an ultralight and fully composite experimental aircraft able to withstand g-forces of +15/-8. 

Pilot, fasten your harness. And welcome to the world of Vertigo!

  • Pratt & Whitney 850HP PT6A-42a turbine
  • 6-bladed 6-foot constant speed composite MT propeller
  • 16 professionally designed sporty liveries and interiors
  • 31,000ft service ceiling
  • Topspeed of 365kts
  • At 50% torque at FL200 you'll fly at 270kts IAS or 357kts TAS and have a 1,000nm range
  • Climb at 12,000fpm or more
  • Enlarged tanks (2 x 50 gallons)
  • Upgraded VL-3 fuel selector: now also has "Both" besides Left, Right and Off
  • Fantastic ground handling
  • Use flap 1 as speed brakes below 180kts
  • Execute the Knife-Edge move!
  • Pressurized cabin
  • Windshield de-icing
  • Fully simulated electrical system

If you have the WT G3X mod you will also get:

  • Automatic Flight Control System (Autopilot)
  • Automated Pitot Heat

The optional GTN750 is also supported for the MFD (right display). For installation, please follow the instructions in the "Vertigo and GNS750.txt" in the download.






Join a vibrant community of fun-loving aviators (5000+ members)



  • Delete older versions of the Vertigo mod, if any.
  • Extract the ZIP file.
  • Drag the folder named gotgravel-vertigo directly into the Community folder.
  • Restart the sim.

You'll find Vertigo in your hangar next to the default VL-3.

If done correctly, your folder structure should look like this:


How to find the Community folder?

If you changed the default location of packages, it’s the simplest because you should find a Community sub folder in it.

For Steam, it should be located in C:\Users\ [Computer Name]\ AppData\ Local\ Packages\  Microsoft.FlightDashboard_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ LocalCache\ Packages\ Community

For Windows Store C:\Users\ [Computer Name]\ AppData\ Local\ Packages\ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ LocalCache\ Packages\ Community



Vertigo comes with a full set of custom interactive MSFS checklists, but here are the essentials to get you in the air and back again.

Engine Start

  • Master Switch > ON
  • Avionics Switch > ON
  • Strobe Lights > ON
  • Engine Key > Start
  • Wait for engine NG 20%
  • Throttle > Idle
  • Parking brake > ON
  • Trim > Neutral
  • Fuel Valve > Left (L), Right (R) or Both (B)
  • Turbine Ignition > ON then OFF
  • Wait for engine NG 50%
  • Landing Lights > ON as appropriate


  • Flaps > 0 or 1
  • Throttle > About 25% torque
  • Rotate at 70kts
  • Retract gear before 140kts
  • Retract flaps before 180kts
  • Punch it and go vertical


  • Fuel Valve > Alternate Left (L) / Right (R) every 15 minutes unless Both (B) is selected


  • Flaps 2 or 3
  • Aim for about 65kts at touch down

Engine Shutdown

  • Fuel Valve > Close (0)
  • Avionics Switch > OFF
  • Master Switch > OFF



The Reno Air Races mod

The WT G3X mod

Note: required for access to the Autopilot and automated Pitot Heat



I have multiple threads on various flight sim forums and websites (including this one) and it is not possible for me to respond to queries on all of them.

Support is therefor exclusively provided from the Got Gravel Discord Server (https://discord.gg/4f3j4YgNm4) through the "Got Support" channel inside the "Got Friends" category.



A very special thanks to the countless test-pilots who have been involved with the Vertigo closed and open beta programme. She would not have been the same without you!


This mod was brought to you by Got Gravel. You may donate if you like using either the PayPal link or the Buy Me A Coffee button.


Sim Update 12 0 0
General Aviation
Первый выпуск
April 19, 2021
Последнее обновление
3 month(s) ago — 2.0.0



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  • Обновлено до версии 2.0.0

  • Обновлено до версии 1.10.0

  • Обновлено до версии 1.6.0

  • Обновлено до версии

  • Обновлено до версии 1.0.6

  • Обновлено до версии 1.0.5

  • Initial File Release

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Vertigo is now available on the Freeware section of https://www.got-friends.com/

Too bad it's no longer available.

Was a great plane

This aircraft made me crazy! Awesome paints too 😀 I have a new favorite plane! Thank You very very much for your work.

Hey GotGravel,

Super-excellent update...thank you.

Just a reminder to update the version number in the manifest.json file.

Here it shows version number 2.0.0, but shows 0.1.49 (prev. version) in the manifest.


Ah... I see the issue...

The "minimum_game_version" was updated with 2.0.0 instead of the "package_version".


After trying all kinds of solutions to get the VR controls to work, I loaded the stock JMB VL3 to check whether its controls works fine and they did. After having loaded and flown the stock JMB VL3 the Vertigo's controls suddenly worked as well. It's now an amazing plane to fly. I've left my original review if someone is trying to search for a solution to the similar problem.

Original review:

Tried flying this plane in VR using the Valve Index controllers. While everything "works" the input tracking for moving the flight stick is way off. To move the flight stick 5cm in game, I need to move my actual hand with the controller about 70-100cm in any direction. The input tracking works fine on any other plane. Unfortunately this makes the plane unflyable.

The new interior lighting and fixes in the last update are the perfect touches to this already superbly enjoyable plane. Take it out for a night flight...

Thank you for this wonderful free aircraft. i am using it by default. i have started using SPAD.NEXT as my controller GUI and am learning how to assign commands to Logitech Panels. I see the command SIMCONNECT:TURBINE_IGNITION_SWITCH_SET1 is sent for 'Turbine Ignition' however when i assign this to a button i get no response even though the said button does send the same command, any ideas please?

Downloaded and installed Version 2 and noticed that the engine sound is very weak (not loud) compared to previos versions. When engine starts you can hardly hear the engine noise. You only beging to hear the engine at around 50%rpm. Is that intentional?

PS To make sure its not my system setup, I did check other aircrafts and their sound is fine. It only happens on this mod.

Why has the throttle a mind of it's own? the throttle is reacting without any input. Cycling between full and no throttle..

Major update of your beloved Vertigo (don't tell your wife) to v2.0.0!

- Brand new flight model based on latest research and MSFS abilities

- Prop performance at take-off normalized (reduced), was made a bit crazy in a recent SU...top speed not affected (no worries, you still can do 350kts+)

- Much improved ground handling (a fair bit easier to handle, just keep that throttle in check)

- Improved gear suspension

- Fixed and much improved lighting (brighter (recent SU's dimmed it a lot), but also added nice UV lights on the floor)

- Visual engine and groundroll vibration added for both flightsticks

Check out www.got-friends.com for more cool aircraft.

flightsim.to is displaying this mod as not functional, BUT IT IS!!!!

I love Vertigo, but you guys should develop proper Lancair Legacy! 😋

Edit: just found out JMB is actually putting turbine into VL3 😄 although quite a bit weaker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htEziImagNU

The Grravel isn't THAT savage now

Anyone else not seeing engine dispays with the WT GX mod with some liveries? Or how I can swap the panel file or something in the livery so I can get them?

Great! Tx!



6 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили GotGravel

YESSS thank you so much for updating this!!! this will always be my favorite plane from you guys

Love this aircraft. Fly fast, fly slow. Excellent, love it. One gripe I 'm afraid. When I shut down the engine, fuel valve off, avionics off and master switch off, the prop continues to spin slowly? If the prop would stop it would be 5 stars!

Ever since this update, the cockpit screens are not visible when viewing from an outside camera. The flight deck is completely flat, devoid of any screens.

Hmmm, well this is the first plane in the sim that broke the physics engine.  First flight I did a vertical stall, and unlike any plane I’ve done that before in, instead just flopping over and heading down it seemed to stick in the air and wobble all over the place in an impossible manner that was difficult to recover from.  For something called Vertigo I didn’t expect it to be the first plane not to handle going vertical.



6 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили GotGravel

Holy moly... i thought, you would have left this great little plane alone.

It´s one of my absolute favorites to fly, so thanks a lot for putting some more love into it.

So i can start removing some pins out of my Voodoo-doll again, it worked out finally.

I hope, you keep polishing it further with the new prop physics and the new airflow physics, too.

Эти предметы в настоящее время находятся в списке и будут обработаны в ближайшее время!
Предложения, ошибки и идеи на будущее.

  • Version 2.0.0 December 31, 2022

    - Brand new flight model based on latest research and MSFS abilities
    - Prop performance at take-off normalized (reduced), was made a bit crazy in a recent SU...top speed not affected (no worries, you still can do 350kts+)
    - Much improved ground handling (a fair bit easier to handle, just keep that throttle in check)
    - Improved gear suspension
    - Fixed and much improved lighting (brighter (recent SU's dimmed it a lot), but also added nice UV lights on the floor)
    - Visual engine and groundroll vibration added for both flightsticks

  • Version 1.10.0 October 03, 2022

    1) Full CFD, including CFD ground effect
    2) Cockpit lighting is back!
    3) Fuel selector arrangement is now (from left to right) > Close / Left / Both / Right / Close
    4) Less engine torque-on-roll effect
    5) Working Master Battery switch
    6) Retuned suspension and ground handling
    7) Correct control stick animation based on actual control surface deflection
    8) Control stick ground roll vibrations
    9) General flight model refinements
    10) Engine and prop tuning

  • Version 1.6.0 November 03, 2021

    - Takes full advantage of new SU6 flight model capabilities
    - New SU6 propeller physics for a much more realistic performance profile
    - Overhauled and re-tuned flight model for the highest level of realism so far
    - Natural and instinctive control on the ground and in the air
    - Less torque at idle to aid in taxi

  • Version September 03, 2021

    Same as v1.0.6 but fixed a small issue ... defaults MFD to G3X instead of 750. Will cause black Garmins otherwise if the 750 is not installed.

  • Version 1.0.6 September 03, 2021

    Flight Model:
    - "Real Aircraft Feel"
    - No more tail wag at extreme speeds, yeah!
    - Improved lateral stability (again easier to battle crosswinds ... also more natural and correct ... it just feels right).
    - Increased MTOW to 2300lb, allowing for full tanks, 2 pax and some baggage
    - Much improved elevator control
    - Further refined ground steering / takeoff-roll characteristics
    - AP vertical speed increased to 2000fpm

    - Adjusted turbine startup timing for all phases to match a real PT6A
    - Throttle less sensitive in the lower RPM range, easier to control those take-offs and landings
    - Various other tweaks to the turbine using Pratt & Whitney data
    - Further improved fuel consumption accuracy

    - Increased max beta from 60 to 65 degrees, improving performance at altitude

    - Adjust cabin light brightness using the knob of the unused prop-control
    - Tweaked cabin dash spot lights to not cover any part of the MFD or PFD

    - Added graduation markers at the 25% points for the torque gauge
    - Added ITT gauge
    - Added RA (radar altitude)
    - Added remaining range in nm and fuel burn in gph numbers
    - Voice Alert for stalls below 200kts
    - Added annunciations for if you forget to retract gear or flaps above certain speeds. Graceful upgrade from Caution to Warning alerts, depending on how fast you go (and damage your gear / flaps).
    - Added annunciations for ITT (1 minute over 800 degrees and instant when over 1000 degrees)

  • Version 1.0.5 August 07, 2021

    - Compatible with SU5!
    - Redesigned flight model: more realistic, authentic and fun than ever
    - Redesigned Pratt & Whitney PT6a-42 Turbine Engine using factory data
    - Redesigned propeller
    - Accurate fuel consumption from idle to max torque
    - Smooth throttle from idle to max torque
    - Superb ground handling
    - Accurate suspension (shocks for nose wheel and spring gear for mains)
    - Accurate weight (increased), CG and moments for this aircraft
    - Realistic stall behavior for this aircraft (gentle nose dip)
    - Excellent low-speed control and behavior; master those crosswinds!
    - Increased cockpit lighting levels
    - Tuned landing and taxi lights
    - Support for the GTN750 on the MFD (read the "Vertigo and GNS750.txt" file included in the download)
    - A lot more!

    My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to all the people who participated in the beta program for this version and of course, to everyone flying this versatile speed machine.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Вопросы? Найдите решение здесь.

Does Vertigo exist in real life?

Yes and no. But mostly yes. It's a heavily modded JMB VL-3 with a retrofitted 850HP turbine. A six-bladed constant speed prop has been installed. That has not been done in real life yet with the VL-3. However it has been done in the Lancair (a very similar aircraft) by Mike Patey. He created "Turbulence" - the fastest single-engine turbo prop in the world - after which Vertigo is modelled. Vertigo has been given the same engine, top speed and climb rate.

I want to know my v-speeds.

Check out the performance placard on the dashboard (above the MFD).

What's Vertigo's range?

At 50% torque at FL200 you'll fly at 270kts IAS or 357kts TAS and have a 1,000nm range.

How do I start the engine?

Use the build-in checklist in MSFS, it will guide you through all steps. You can of course also do an autostart (CTRL-E by default) or start hot on the runway.

Take-off is so powerful!

Vertigo is ridiculously overpowered. Use 25% torque for take off. Also remember to set elevator trim to neutral. Consider not using flaps.

I can't find the Community Folder.

Carefully read the Installation Instructions.

I have an issue with my Garmin.

The G3X Garmin comes with Vertigo as-is. Kindly contact the owner of the Garmin you have (the default MSFS or Working Title version most likely) for any support issues or feature requests.

As I cannot afford to be a Garmin 24/7 helpdesk I will politely ignore any queries related to Garmin.

Synthetic Vision on my G3X Garmin is not working.

If you have the Working Title mod you need to enable it in the G3X. Click on the Compass, this will open a menu. Then click on "More Options..." and enable SV.

As I cannot afford to be a Garmin 24/7 helpdesk I will politely ignore any queries related to Garmin.

Is there an autopilot?

Yes, if you have the WT G3X mod installed you can operate it. Check with the Working Title team for support.

Download the latest Working Title G3X mod from their GitHub repository:

Is there windshield deicing?

Yes, pull the lever above the fuel selector.

Master Switch does not affect some basic cockpit systems

Same thing happens in the default VL3. To be resolved.

Is there Pitot Heat?

Yes, if you have the WT G3X mod installed Pitot Heat is automated.

Download the latest Working Title G3X mod from their GitHub repository:

Is the Garmin GTN750 supported?

Yes this is an optional installation. Carefully follow the instructions in the "Vertigo and GNS750.txt" file that comes with Vertigo.

As I cannot afford to be a Garmin 24/7 helpdesk I will politely ignore any queries related to Garmin.

Why can't I raise the landing gear after take-off?

You were going too fast (> 140kts) and damaged the landing gear. Take-off with 25% torque, then raise flaps and gear before accelerating to ridiculous speeds. Or simply point up and go full throttle.


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