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Version 1.10
Первый выпуск May 23, 2021
Последнее обновление September 15, 2021
Размер файла 191.89 MB
Downloads 12,286
Status Еще не скачано
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  • Version 1.10 September 15, 2021

    * Significant Nav Panel upgrade, with Track Up and support for tailored soaring MSFS flightplans.

    * Baro knob for the altimeter

    * Other small changes and minor bugfixes.

    * Paintkit included

  • Version 1.00 August 10, 2021

    The AS33 Glider is now the Production Release 1.00. Considerable functionality has been added to the Nav Panel. Ballast effects, wing flex and adverse yaw now implemented. Flight model has been calibrated at every flap and ballast setting for an accurate 56:1 in the correct flaps, at the correct speeds.

  • Version 0.90 July 19, 2021

    * Significant development of the Nav Panel, with task display and waypoint nav including predicted arrival height around multiple waypoints.
    * Flight model tuning so glide performance closely matches the real glider and the arrival height predictions in the Nav Instrument are quite accurate. (More work will be done on the flight model for 1.0, but this will focus more on handling than glide accuracy).
    * Units Settings now synced between instruments.
    * Various bugfixes, including detecting the user changing the time forwards/backwards during a flight which previously broke some of the calculations (such as climb average).

  • Version 0.86 June 21, 2021

    1. Prop windmill / engine restart bug fixed.
    2. Engine power reduced a little (climb still too fast)
    3. Trim speeds reduced.
    4. 'Mouse drag' support added for Throttle, spoilers, flaps, trim (also scroll wheel)
    5. Radio more readable, decimals scrolling past zero now carries to whole digits.

    Update also includes a paint kit.

  • Version 0. June 21, 2021


  • Version 0.85 June 09, 2021

    Bugfix for previous install issues. Bugfix for prop windmilling preventing engine restart.
    Pilot show/hide button added (button on top of joystick)

  • Запущен May 23, 2021

    Первый релиз этого файла только что был запущен. Добро пожаловать на борт!

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268 Комментарии

This plane is absolutely AWESOME. I love it. I would really like to have more gliders in the game.



4 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили MADoloSimulations

remarkable freeware that has opened up a whole new FS world for me! easily payware quality and a donation is on the way! thank you to all involved

I need the parking brake to interact with some Career mods, but it seams that the parking break is always on. what could I do?



15 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили MADoloSimulations

This is a great glider, I have spent many hours taking this bird up, cutting that engine and storing it away to then enjoy some soaring over great distances, very responsive and a lot to interact with considering its a glider, but it is a glider with both recreational and sport in mind. I fly this in VR and it is so immersive, my reactions to its reactions to poor inputs makes me work hard when I get complacent.

I notice there is another glider in the air near me at times on the GPS / map but i never see it no matter how close i try to get to it, I think its just on the map only for eye candy, but would be great if there was one to interact with.

Great job guys.

Since SU6 the sim crashes to desktop upon pressing 'fly now'. Any idea what could be causing this? Loved the aircraft before so hopefully I can get back to flying it.

Hi guys, I'm getting a intermittant but constant engine noise in cockpit of a prop aircraft...any ideas? I have removed all installations in community.

I think this doesn't work: takeoff with the engine is almost impossible with a little wind - one ground loop after the other, getting in the air only by pure luck and perseverance, and landings end up with the nose pointing in the wrong directon as well. 😊 Alas it doesn't work in VR. the usual mouse pointer parallax error makes using the switches and controls hard and the glider brings a performance hit I haven't seen in this sim so far. 😞 While flying I got the impression that FS is not really apt for gliders yet, ridge lift is so erratic and extremely fragmented that it seems almost impossible to glide along the leeside and get a positive average updraft budget.



1 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили MADoloSimulations

Exactly what I was searching for years now! Love thie glider, awesome job done. The only thing I noticed is, that as soon as i take off or land in grass my FPS are dropping to like 5... when opperating from an paved runway everything is smooth as butter. hope this is getting fixed by time, because most of german glider airfields have grass runways. Greetings from Germany and thanks fot this awesome Glider!

Sim 6-Works Great (at least for self being an novice). Happy Camper!

AS 33 ME is absolute first favorite aircraft for me but I am very disapoitment with graphic bug on grass airfield. I have fps drop problem when I land on grass airfield. Is it some solution for this scary bug?

Since 1.10, the navigation system doesn't start the task when I press in the bottom-right nob. If I am starting from point A, going to point C via point B, it will sometimes start the BC task if I pass exactly through point B. But when I take off from A it won't start the AB task, even if I select it (rotating the knob) and then press the knob. Also, the dashed line from A to B doesn't show up on the map, only BC appears. It knows, however, that A is one of the waypoints to select. The A waypoint is there, the AB task is missing. It should be that, from wherever I may be, if I select a destination and press in the button the task should begin that takes me from my current position to that destination.

Thank you!

Also, I tried it with sim update 6 and it drops a lot the framerate after takeoff. I had a similar problem after the previous MSFS update, and it was fixed when I downloaded v1.10 of the glider. Maybe there is again some optimization needed to work with the latest MSFS update.

Thanks again.



2 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили MADoloSimulations

This glider is absolutely incredible, and I can't believe it's free! You've done a GREAT job so far with it, and I'm very impressed. It's a ton of fun, and I can't wait for Asobo to push thermals and wind even further in the game to give us an even better glider simulation.

I have found a bit of a bug, even though it's technically not a bug: I've got my elevator trim mapped to a dirty potentiometer wheel on my throttle block, and because the trim value constantly jiggles just a bit, it keeps switching the glider's MFS display for trim/compass/ballast back to trim, even though I'd rather it stay on the compass display. Can we have an option to turn off the auto-switching for that MDF?

I also see the pilot's model while in the first-person view in the cockpit, and my view clips through his head, which is a bit strange.

Anyway, even with nothing changed, your project is already a 10 out of 5. Great work!



2 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили MADoloSimulations

What an amazing gift to the sim glider community. Best glider ever. We need to paypal this outfit into orbit. Please donate to them to keep going and to develop more glider varieties with this class of performance.

great glider, probably best one, however there's an issue with the motor - if you enable it and then disable it, it still shows some RPM on simconnect and in case you have motion rig you feel aweful shakes from 1 or 2 RPMs that are constantly there...

It's a very cool aircraft. Can't the mist spray be infinite? 


Is it possible to recharge the battery when we are in flight?

Because I see that there are solar panels on the engine hatch.

Thank you

Accurate max 56:1 flight performance, calibrated across all flap settings and with/without ballast?

I compared the files of the flight model of the old and new version - they are absolutely the same!

Is this an error or you did not make any changes to the flight model?

Currently, the flight characteristics of the glider are greatly overestimated.



2 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили MADoloSimulations

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on a great looking model with some very practical systems and complicated avionics! I really looked forward to getting my MSFS updated to WU6 and grabbing your September update to give it a try for the first time.

My first issue was that the camera was stuck halfway into the perspex canopy. That was an issue on my side as I always seat my pilot a bit higher (I am reasonably tall) but I could resolve it by lowering the vertical position to the default 50 value in the MSFS settings.

Second issue was the pilot object that I could not get rid of. I kept looking for a manual but could not find any documents in the installation folder. I did a few Google searches to no avail, and finally after scrolling through all the comments I found the post where someone else asked the same question and I found the red button on the control stick grip. Unfortunately it hides the pilot object in the external view as well. Default behaviour is typically to show pilot objects in external views and hide them when in the cockpit?

Third issue (and this is the biggest one) is the performance. Initially after I spawned in just sitting on the runway it felt good. I could glance around with TrackIR and it felt as smooth as any other aircraft. As soon as I started moving however (using the onboard powerplant) the framerates dropped significantly to a point where it was just above stuttery (I didn't check the actual frame rates but I may do more testing).

I took a quick flight with the Cirrus SR-22 after just to check if my overall performance dropped while running full glass displays but it ran buttery smooth. There is likely something in the AS33 custom avionics or in the 3D model itself (I have no idea how many vertices you are pushing) but I can't say.

Those issues aside I am very impressed with the level of detail you put into this model. While I am not 100% familiar with glider operations I found the flap system to be quite effective, and the centre of gravity shift when unloading the ballast tanks was very noticeable. There are awesome details that show the care and effort that went into developing of this aircraft. The sounds are pretty awesome as well and it feels like you have something light and mechanical strapped to your back.

Thank you very much for sharing your hard work with the community for free. I really hope that you can find the performance monster that is hiding under the bonnet as I would love to fly this glider more often and with higher framerates.

I'm huge fan of Condor 2. I hope MSFS bring some termik for flying over my house. After today update, on screen have huge icon of airfield. When push right foot, rudder going to right, butt peddal to left. In VR, I have doubble cursor to, I must close right eye to click on correctly spot. Thanks for the beautiful glider

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