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AS 33 Me

A high-performance 18 meter flapped glider including a self-launch motor, built-in winch launch, water ballast, and a comprehensive racing instrument panel. Over a dozen liveries are included which will be visible to other pilots in multi-player. The flight model has

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Release 1.7.3 now available!

1.7.3 Update info:
* Multiplayer animations include engine extract and ballast dump
* Flight model improvements to pitch stability, elevator authority, positive flaps modelling.
* Sound updates wind, flaps, winch
* Nav Panel updates incl. scrollable task page for long tasks.
1.62 Update info:
* Adverse yaw, adjustable via a mouse-over of the radio frequency swap button (see image in gallery). You can adjust the adverse yaw on a range 0..1, or leave it alone for a reasonable default value.
* Included library of liveries, tested and working in multiplayer. As part of the standard package so you can be confident other AS33 owners will recognise your plane.
* Animations updated to work across multiplayer as well as possible, so including gear, spoilers and control surfaces (but not yet the extending prop or the ballast dump effects).
* In-cockpit textures updated to desaturate some of the colors.
1.51 Update info:
The update incorporates a code refresh for the recent sim updates PLUS the following features:
* Key/button mappings provided for the main interactions in the glider, so you can set buttons on your stick, mouse or keyboard to improve access to the panel/controls.
* Built-in winch launch added (click the yellow tow-release knob), in addition to the existing engine/prop self-launch.
* New thermalling display added to the central nav panel (see the update video linked above for an overview).
General details: 
Demo of v1.10 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnWmnS-7iAI
AS33 flapped racing glider with ballast, retractable engine, and full cross-country digital panel. Detailed model with removable pilot, wing-flex, flaperons, fin strobe and ballast dump effects.

* Accurate max 56:1 flight performance, calibrated across all flap settings and with/without ballast.

* Self-launch via retractable engine

* Full competition soaring panel. Total-energy, netto and speed-to-fly varios. State-of-the-art Nav Panel with moving map with task including start/finish lines. XCSoar-style flight data display including required glide slope to waypoint, achieved glide, and predicted arrival height. Predicted altitude calculation can be applied around multiple waypoints factoring in the headwind/tailwind affecting each leg. Task page which confirms task completion giving completion distance and speed plus speeds for each leg of the task.

* Metric/Imperial units settable for all instruments, plus personal preferences such as dark or light instrument backgrounds.

Thanks to everyone who has provided great feedback to help us bring you our sailplanes / gliders for MSFS 2020. 

Thanks to OrientAviation for doing a fantastic video of the AS33, click here to view it. 

See this 10-minute demo flight with an introduction to the plane and controls.

For more detail see this guide to the Nav Panel and this demo cross-country flight.

This model incorporates the self launching electric motor currently used on the AS 34 Me standard class sailplane.

This is a work in progress and we would appreciate feedback to ensure we can offer the closest to real world simulation sailplanes, either as completely freeware and on the odd occasion, low cost payware.

For any freeware aircraft, if you like the model and would like to make a donation please use the link below and it will be very much appreciated. But I wish to make it clear, absolutly no functionality has been restricted in this freeware model. Making a donation will not unlock "extra features", every function is activated and any donations are purely voluntary and not an essential requirment. 

Detail Features:

  • The self-launch engine is designed for simplicity, i.e. from a stowed engine the engine start is designed to take 12 seconds (engine management on, engine extract, throttle up to start)
  • Main Nav Panel shows real time map display with flight plan, attitude indicator, and other aircraft.
  • Airspeed indicator and main Vario feature multi function menu's with various uptions (please explore the menus, we hope you like them). 
  • ASI will glow red when approaching stall or overspeed and incorporates digital airspeed, air pressure and altitude.
  • Vario incorporates Maccready Setting, Speed To Fly (units and green needle indication) and average climb rate.
  • Multifunction display below the ASI defaults to compass with wind direction and speed. Changing trim will automatically switch to the trim screen and flicking the Ballast Dump toggle switches will automatically switch the screen to the ballast display screen. The screen will default back to the compass after a few seconds. 
  • The vario sound is configurable on / off / or lift only. A volume knob is provided.
  • The "Task" page on the Nav panel will show the task loaded from a MSFS Flight Plan, and allow the Start and Finish waypoints to be set so task speeds can be calculated and displayed. On task completion a summary is provided including validation of waypoints and overall speed.
  • Negative flaps are accurately modelled, i.e. the '-2' flap is optimal from Vne  to 160kph, '-1' to 130kph, and '0' below 130 kph.
  • Ballast is modelled with the weights of the tanks correct and in the correct places, dumping takes the same amout of time as the real AS33 (3..4 mins) with a ballast effect. MSFS does a very good job adjusting the aicraft handling between fully ballasted and dry.
  • Just like the real glider, this model features the Alexander Scheicher anti collision light on the tail section which is activated with the toggle switch labeled Strobe. 
  • The wheel brake is linked to the spoilers and is effective between 75% and 100%. A red bar on the ASI indicates the spoiler extension, and a similar red bar on the vario indicatios the use of the wheel brake.
  • Plus many more, please spend some time exploring the model and features
  • Includes wingflex, adverse yaw

Youtube video of the engine controls can be found here: https://youtu.be/vo2bMZnkFRM



Extract the download to your MSFS Community Folder.
Make sure you folder structure is /Community/madolo-as33me/SimObjects/ etc.

MADolo Simulations     (3D model, animations and interior textures)
B21            (Custom coding, flight dynamics and sound)
Chris Bullas        (Exterior Textures)

Special thanks: Jonx (without your help this project would never have even started)
        Wiek Schoenmakers, tjburni, RPSims, jetSonic, Lukas, Khero, taykay8888, Topher420247
        All the UKVGA guys for your support
        Anyone else that gave advise along the way, there are far to many for me to remeber them all.


This file has been checked for viruses using virustotal.com and should therefore should be safe to use. However, this file is used entirely at your own risk.

No other website has permission to list this model, even if it references back to us the original creators. If you wish to share this model with friends, please do so by directing them to this site to ensure they receeive the most up to date version and to ensure the integrity of the model. Please do not share the file.

glider as33 schleicher
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May 23, 2021
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1 month(s) ago — 1.7.3



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  • Обновлено до версии 1.7.3

  • Обновлено до версии 1.62

  • Обновлено до версии 1.51

  • Обновлено до версии 1.10

  • Обновлено до версии 1.00

  • Обновлено до версии 0.90

  • Initial File Release

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when I'm looking to the left/right the view zooms back in center position, but very far out, is there a workaround for that? (normally it should keep the zoom which is set when looking around with quickview buttons)

this mod is incredible. But I have a problem with the tasks: it doesn't change the waypoints by itself and gives me an error if I try to change the start

Hello, I am very new might be a silly question but does it also work with MS Flight Simulator Steam version? I don't see community folder in steam installation? Thanks!"

Since the last update (40th Anniversary), there seems to be a display issue where the camera is inside the pilots head (so I can see the inside of his eyeballs, etc..). I've tried to zoom in, etc to fix it but nothing seems to help? Is it an incompatability with the new update, or something weird on my end?

You should update the aircraft.cfg file parameter ui_typerole to "Glider" so this aircraft will be identified and organized in the Hangar aircraft filters as a "Glider" instead of an "Other" aircraft type.

I love this glider, but can't adjust the corner knobs on the center display with the mouse. Do I need to map these to use them?

Nice glider!

I have a small problem which i guess comes from the settings but could not find it so far. When I change into cockpit view I still can see the sunglasses and the beard, etc. of the pilot which makes it unable to fly from that view. Can someone suggest what I need to change?

Thank you very much

Awesome glider, amazing work. For some reason my game starts to lag when I take off or land on a grass or dirt airstrips. The lag goes away if I use DevMode to reload the glider in mid-flight.

Every time I open FS2020 I see that as33 and think, nah maybe next time, I'll go for the 320 or 737 today. Until tonight, I took off from Konigsdorf straight into the alps and ended up in Salzburg. What an amazing experience (in VR). It's so much fun getting lifted by the updrafts near those enormous mountains.

Also love the AS-33 with all it's features. Looking forward to do some proper waypoint flying and learn more about gliding.

Also many thanks for the educational youtube vids!


I discovered a new dimension in flying.

Been enjoying the AS-33 for a few weeks. I really enjoy taking off without a wrench or tow. I also enjoy being able to go to parking ramp area with engine after landing.

Can someone explain the flaps and correct positions for mid-flight to include landing. The trim is difficult to control the seesaw motion up/down. Can the trim be fixed. Should water stay in the tail for better trim?

Why does the package manifest version say 0.8.0 but zip is 1.62...

In the new version 1.62, an error is not fixed: when it enters the grass, FPS instantly falls significantly.

Love the update. Audio Vario tone is much nicer and can be turned way down, have not tried the adverse yaw but like the idea of making it more realistic, it was too light in the previous version. And all the new skins in the download too! They are really pretty and some very clever too!

very happy coocky jumping around the livingroom , your work is most welcome ..great work..thank you

In version 1.51 the LX_S100 no longer updates the McCready STF value. Changing the McCready setting will change the still air STF but it does not get updated based on current lift/sink. It is displaying STF_SPEED_0_MS rather than STF_SPEED_MS

Que du bonheur, merci beaucoup!

Model is highly inaccurate and the performance is way off. Would not reccommend

Best glider in the sim to date. Once you get used to the avionics and what they can do for you flying this bird is an absolute blast. I have used it to do a 1,000Km in 4h30min!

this is great - any liveries available anywhere?

An excellent glider! Superb work!

I have a trivial bug to report: if I land and do not use brakes, the glider will run on for many kilometres. In my case it had a full water load, I haven't tied the same without ballast. I just thought you might want to know.

As I say, this is a beautiful glider that has provided a lot of enjoyment. Thank you :0)

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  • Version 1.7.3 October 28, 2022

    Multiplayer - additional animation support: engine extract, ballast dump
    Flight model - pitch stability, elevator authority, positive flaps modelling.
    Sounds - flaps, wind, winch, removed kinematic rattle
    Nav Panel - scrollable task page for long tasks (use waypoints knob)

  • Version 1.62 October 07, 2022

    Pilot adjustable adverse yaw

    14 multiplayer-compatible liveries

    Numerous cockpit texture updates

  • Version 1.51 June 04, 2022

    Supports sim update changes including optimal support for thermals in SU9
    Adds new winch launch to tow-release knob
    Adds key/button event mappings to panel/cockpit elements
    Adds new thermalling display

  • Version 1.10 September 15, 2021

    * Significant Nav Panel upgrade, with Track Up and support for tailored soaring MSFS flightplans.

    * Baro knob for the altimeter

    * Other small changes and minor bugfixes.

    * Paintkit included

  • Version 1.00 August 10, 2021

    The AS33 Glider is now the Production Release 1.00. Considerable functionality has been added to the Nav Panel. Ballast effects, wing flex and adverse yaw now implemented. Flight model has been calibrated at every flap and ballast setting for an accurate 56:1 in the correct flaps, at the correct speeds.

  • Version 0.90 July 19, 2021

    * Significant development of the Nav Panel, with task display and waypoint nav including predicted arrival height around multiple waypoints.
    * Flight model tuning so glide performance closely matches the real glider and the arrival height predictions in the Nav Instrument are quite accurate. (More work will be done on the flight model for 1.0, but this will focus more on handling than glide accuracy).
    * Units Settings now synced between instruments.
    * Various bugfixes, including detecting the user changing the time forwards/backwards during a flight which previously broke some of the calculations (such as climb average).

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