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Version 3.07
Первый выпуск November 18, 2020
Последнее обновление November 24, 2021
Размер файла 17.92 MB
Downloads 5,691
Status Еще не скачано
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  • Version 3.07 November 24, 2021

    - Landing challenge fix when using maxDistanceToRunway=NN or noGear=True.
    - EXPERIMENTAL: Discovery flights! See the sample_discovery.txt file for an example.

  • Version 3.06 October 24, 2021

    - Added a menu item in the Tools menu to manually terminate the SDK after compiling. So, if you see the DOS window with the "Press any key to continue", you press a key and then nothing more happens in BMG, then select "Kill running SDK process". BMG should then be able to continue.

  • Version 3.05 October 20, 2021

    - New menu item in Tools to show objects in the projects model library.
    - Minor improvements to refueling option.
    - Other minor fixes.

  • Version 3.04 October 09, 2021

    - Autogenerates a modelLib folder in the PackageSources folder (see the output folder) where objects/scenery can be added. These objects are then added to the sim world by using the libraryObject field. See the manual!
    - Maximum length of the project name is set to 40 chars.

  • Version 3.03 October 04, 2021

    - Autopilot fix.
    - Season value parsing fix.
    - Clean-up in FLT template file.

  • Version 3.02 September 27, 2021

    - Better handling of Steam version when compiling.
    - New Edit menu.
    - Moved Extras to the Help menu.
    - CTRL+S to save edited text.
    - CTRL+R to discard all changes (practically a reload of the input file).
    - CTRL+Z for undo and CTRL+Y for redo changes.

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4 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили f99mlu

this is awesome. I remember a year ago hacking a bush trip together in a text file, I think I was the first to do it and put it on a mod site (as lithilium on nexus). Definitely gonna use this tool. Although it is disappointing that microsoft didn't include the tools they use in the dev kit...

After downloading november update MSFS, all bush trips generated with BushMissionGen appear disabled in MSFS, although still present in community folder. Any work around?

Any tips for creating a landing challenge with the King Air?

  • Trim Value for Start
  • Turning the Autopilot/FD off

(This is standard behavior in BMG v3.05! No need to set it to True there. Set to False if you WANT translations, i.e see the bug in the sim.)

Regarding the strange departure/arrival names in the bush trip start screen. It is possible to make it work by using this field in the BMG input file:


But... be aware of special characters. And... this also prevents the use of different languages for waypoints.

Sim Update 6 looks like it has fixed some issues - we can resize the VFR map without losing icons again! As with previous sim updates, any unfinished bush trip progress may be broken - as far as I know the only fix would be to start the bush trip again

Hello... It seems that the autopilot does not work anymore. I have tried with several planes without any success. Can you find a way to force the autopilot ?

Hi mate, thanks again for another update. Is there any way to show the users score? They show up with a score of 0



4 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили f99mlu

I would like to thank all BMG users for all your feedback, suggestions and also donations. And ofcourse that you use the tool! It motivates me VERY much! BR, f99mlu

How to turn on ATC to make it work? because it is not available all the time

PAYWARE CREATIONS: I get a lot of questions regarding bush trips and landing challenges generated by BushMissionGen and if it is ok to sell the creations.. and how much money I want as payment. For my part is is totally fine if you produce stuff that you sell. And no, I don´t demand any money in return. If you want to donate money, buy me a couple of beers or even give me a copy of your creation is totally up to you. BR, f99mlu

I have trouble with my own sim at the moment.. heaps of CTDs. But I just managed to verify built items from the new BMG v2.11. Thus, the compiler is happy now again. And I successfully landed in a landing challenge and also started a bush trip. Please test this release 😊. BR f99mlu

Thanks again for such an amazing tool. Just tried to build a new one and it's now incompatible with the latest sim update. Do you have any idea what I can do or if you have a fix coming? Sim Update 5 has done a number on landing challenges 😞


Im still getting that weird behaviour on Landing Challenge. The plane looks to be on autopilot, reacts to inout, but is still forcing its way to follow the flightplan, making the whole challenge impossible to play. 😞



4 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили f99mlu

The perfect tool for making bush trips! I am having a great time creating new routes for the community thanks to this add-on!!!

Hello, I just created a bush trip. Even without modifying the txt file and compiling without any visible errors, it doesn't show up in MSFS. My Little Navmap flight plan has 128 lines. Is there a limit to how many lines use can use? What could I be doing wrong? I managed to convert a smaller flight plan into a bush mission.

Hey, thanks for this amazing tool! BUT, for some reason, upon compiling, i get a "read failed" on the project xml for a landing challenge. Can't have the the challenge show up in the sim. 😞

Hello, I am enjoying this app immensely. But since the update, I can't get the Bush Missions I create to show up in the sim. The mission is in the community folder, but does not show up on available bush missions. Everything looks fine inside the folder for the mission. What am I missing? Thanks for all the work you have done to create this app.

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