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Bush & Backcountry Library

A bush & backcountry library dedicated to those who travel past the beaten track and navigate into the unknown to find the true beauty of flying. Currently containing 120+ objects and variation for bush & backcountry sceneries. More infos in the desription text.

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Bush & Backcountry Library

120+ objects and variations
Objects, buildings and vegetation
512-4K resolution
Most objects collideable
PBR materials

Do not re-distribute, sell, split, re-package, share, modify, convert, or alter in any other way. Only to be used in freeware sceneries and airports.

Notes (important)

- Support your freeware creators
A point I always found important to get out. Imagine the flight simulator world without the amazing work of your freeware creators. Imagine the amount of resources, time and skills that go into making all ours sim world so much more enjoyable. Imagine how motivating for all those creators it is to get all your feedback, comments, appreciations and support - and it definitely is. Consider giving back to all those people who make all of this possible. A nice comment, valuable feedback and/or a donation means the world to us. Even small donations help with maintaining/keeping hard drive space, materials & textures, software subscriptions, and and and.

But as always:
It's never expected, but always highly appreciated!


I've created this library alongside my newest scenery "Rusty Barge Airstrip", however, it's main purpose is to serve in more general bush and backcountry sceneries, so that those types of sceneries will get more stuff to play around with. I will further expand this library with more stuff as I move along - time and motivation permitted of course.
Most of the screenshots are from the Rusty Barge scenery and not everything included in the library is depicted.

I finally got around to include a rudimentary windsock working. It's working with the wind. It's visibile from a very long distance. One thing that always bothered me was the small draw distance of windsocks around. So this one is visible from a very long distance, to make you spot it from more than the opposite runway end. For creators: Place the windsock with a heading of 0° in the scenery editor to make it work correctly.

1x windsock

512-2K. This is still a WIP section. Foliage creation and shading in MSFS is a hurdle. You'll find a mix between 3D and 2D (cross plane) elements in here. In particular the 2D shading and culling at low distances is a problem and I try to improve it in the future, however, for now especially with low angle backlighting, the shading of the foliage can look a bit strange. It almost comes down to technical limitations of the engine, but I'll try to work on this. This also means, that some of the models may change in the future in such a way that they will have to be placed anew - I will try to minimize those changes as best as I can.

3x birch tree
3x birch tree young
3x spruce trees
3x spruce trees dead
3x spruce tree young
1x mountain ash bush
2x patches of berry bush
7x wildflower blue
3x wildflower purple
4x wildflower fireweed
2x wild grass tall
3x nettle patch
2x grass variation 1 patch
2x grass variation 2 patch
1x thyrse patch
3x fleabane patch
3x billberry bush patch

2K texture resolution. Smaller object variations share a 2K texture for further optimization. However, this mean, the texture resolution is not well suited for super close ups and it isn't intended for such.

5x oil barrel
3x mossy boulder
3x lichen boulder
3x ice boulder/drift ice
2x rock patch
1x campfire lit
1x campfire unlit
1x fire flame
3x shipping container
2x crate
1x EUR pallet
3x 3 wire fence (5m, 10m, 20m)
3x 2 wire fence (5m, 10m, 20m)
3x wood fence (4m, 8m, 16m)
3x chainmail fence (5m, 10m, 20m)
2x firewood pile
1x log bench
3x log cut
1x log cut pile
3x log broken
3x log broken variation 2
3x log broken variation 3
3x log broken variation 3 pile
1x tripod & cooking pot
1x sign
3x tree stump
1x barge
1x dinghy/jon boat
2x canoe (red/green)
1x paddle
3x base camp tent
7x old car tires in black, white, red
1x picnic table

2K-4K texture resolution. I would like to add night lighting shining from inside of the buildings when it's dark, however, I haven't found a way yet to stop the light to bleed out of the entire object making it look completely wrong. Another thing I will try to improve on in the future.

4x sheds
3x cabin variation 01
1x cabin variation 02
1x firewood shelter
1x outhouse
1x stilted deck
1x stair


If you have ideas of other stuff that would be nice to be included and it would be a reasonable addition to a bush and backcountry library, let me know and I will consider it for a future update

Watch the performance of your sceneries as you go along. Plastering the surroundings of your airstrip with hundreds of copies of vegetation will definitely bring down the performance while using your scenery. Use the objects wisely, also because I haven't come around to create LODs for the objects - a thing I may start to do in the future.


Questions, comments, feedback and support always highly appreciated!

Sim Update 11
Первый выпуск
October 31, 2022
Последнее обновление
2 day(s) ago — 1.1.7



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  • Обновлено до версии 1.1.7

  • Обновлено до версии 1.1.6

  • Обновлено до версии 1.1.5

  • Обновлено до версии 1.1.0

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12 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042



13 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042

This is an amazing library, thank you so much!



13 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042

Can't deside which models i like best. Boulders, flowers, trees. Even the dead ones look great 😉 They are all very good, thank you



15 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042

Even better. I will use these in my airstrips. (with credit of course)



18 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042

It is a greath library for making bushstrips more lively. Thanks so much. What would be interessant for the future? At presents I would say more different fences and some desert vegetation.



21 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042

Thank you! It would be great if you could add a visual reference guide to the library in future.



25 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042

Very nice!



26 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Wookie042


Эти предметы в настоящее время находятся в списке и будут обработаны в ближайшее время!
Предложения, ошибки и идеи на будущее.

  • Version 1.1.7 November 24, 2022

    Changelog 1.1.7 (released along my new scenery "Endicott River Airstrip")


    -Fence Wood 3x (4m, 8m, 16m)
    -Fence Chainmail 3x (5m, 10m, 20m)

    -Birch Tree Young 3x
    -Birch Tree Normal 3x
    -Fleabane Patch 3x
    -Billberry Bushes Patch 3x


    -Improved lighting on spruce tree foliage
    -Fixed and streamlined naming convention on various objects

    -Known Issues/To Do-

    -Lighting on vegetation and foliage in bright direct sun backlighting still not optimal (I'm running low on ideas, however, I will try to adjust and improve as I move along)
    -Create a visual reference guide (I'm sorry for not coming around that, but it bores me to hell, so I avoided it for now :)

  • Version 1.1.6 November 18, 2022

    Changelog 1.1.6 (released along my new scenery Glacier Point)


    Large Cabin
    Firewood Shelter

    2x Canoe (green/red)
    Info Panel
    3x Drift Ice Piece

    3x Spruce Tree Young

  • Version 1.1.5 November 07, 2022

    Changelog 1.1.5 Released along my new scenery "Takhin River Airstrip"

    -Broken Log Variant 2 3x
    -Broken Log Variant 3 3x
    -Broken Log Pile 3x

    -Nettle Patch 3x
    -Grass Variant 1 Patch 2x
    -Grass Variant 2 Patch 2x
    -Thyrse Patch 1x

    -Single Flame object

    -Decreased brightness of Bush_02 texture

    To Do:
    -Creating visual reference guide

  • Version 1.1.0 November 05, 2022

    Changelog 1.1.0 - released along my new scenery "Nugget Creek Cabin"

    -3 simple cabin variations
    -1 stilted deck
    -1 stair
    -1 outhouse
    -1 dinghy/jon boat

    (The cabin variations, the deck and stairs can be used modularly)

    -reduced texture resolution of small vegetation to 1K
    -removed normal maps from small vegetation
    -reduced poly count of small vegetation and rock patches extensively
    -reduced draw distance of small vegetation

    -increased brightness of rock patches texture
    -reduced size of rock patches

    -improved shading of small vegetation
    -increased visibility of spruce tree foliage
    -increased visibility of tall grass patches

  • Запущен October 31, 2022

    Первый релиз этого файла только что был запущен. Добро пожаловать на борт!

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