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Version 0.2.2
Первый выпуск March 01, 2021
Последнее обновление August 21, 2021
Размер файла 937.09 MB
Downloads 101,021
Status Еще не скачано
Этот файл просканирован на наличие вирусов и безопасен для скачивания.
😊 Искать больше Airbus A330 add-ons? Мы позаботимся о вас!
Совместимость с Sim Update 7 было подтверждено.


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  • Version 0.2.2 August 21, 2021

    1. Compatibility with Sim Update 5
    2. A32NX Compatibility when using the 3rd party compatibility mod
    3. Revised cockpit textures
    4. New gear textures
    5. Various bug fixes and improvements

    In the next version, coming in a few weeks, we will be releasing our overhauled brand new exterior model as well as many cockpit improvements including a 3rd MCDU. Stay tuned!

  • Запущен March 01, 2021

    Первый релиз этого файла только что был запущен. Добро пожаловать на борт!

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296 Комментарии

Whe i load the plane in FS, the Sim stops loading after ca 90% . Is this a known problem and can it get fixed? Thanks

There isnt any sound.


It was a good run for this aircraft

dont just desert it.

and also why you end ur group

its was one of the best addons also the mega pack

prob of SU5 cuz a lot of bugs with liveries

Since last sim update, it is not possible to load a flight!

Hello, I have a problem with this mod, when I press control + e to start the engines, they don't start and I can't fly. Also, the navigation screens do not turn on.

Anyone else have the issue of losing all power mid flight with no way to restore it?

I'd literally pay someone to add wing flex to this plane

Since PMP doesn't work on it anymore, is there any chance thatsomeone from the community could add Wing Flex? 😀

the airplane engine won't start, how to fix it ? please help me

Really great model. Hate that the dissolution of PMP has killed this aircraft. The only issue I can see, texturally, is the fact that the exterior door windows are missing. If I knew how to fix it myself, I'd take care of it.

Such an amazing aircraft well done guys and i cant wait for new updates, it has a lot of unavailable buttons but i hope you guys will make it avalable.

ne sur tout pas le prendre trop de problème !!!! même pas une étoile .

Once the plane is loaded into the community folder, opening the game does not show the plane. How can I solve?

A330 Neo or A330 PMP opinions.

everything works for me but there's smoke in the front landing gear when taxing lol how can I fix that?

how is this aircraft compatible with sim update 6 download it don't show up in selection



4 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили Clink123

Thank you very much for your work. Its great.

is this getting removed anytime soon? pmp are dead

Still no Wing Flex ? That really important for immersion.. Even more when the cockpit is not exciting as this one...


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