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2 minute(s) ago

Hi, thanks for doing this paint, I am who requested it. Do you think you could add the silver streaks that come from the tail to the center of the plane. Also, the American title is a little too big. There are A321 decals on the L/R 1 and 2 doors. Once fixed I'll send you a donation.

21 minute(s) ago

se não ha ponte 25 abril é porque o cenário base do msfs nao esta a ser carregado. esta minha ultima versão do pack foi alterada e removida todos os objectos que o cenário base de lisboa já contem, pos isso neste meu ultimo update não tens a ponte 25 abril, mas se quiseres a ponte 25 abril porque nao estas a usar o cenario base da ultima atualização msfs 2020 entao descarrega um upload meu mais antigo, tens la outras versoes para descarregar

21 minute(s) ago

Great. But any chance you can get it to zoom in more? So I can use it to read the taxiway map? Nothing but Little Navmap lets you see the in sim taxiway map. I was really hoping for that ability.

Found a way to get a zoomed in view of the airport. Would still be better if I could scroll zoom. But great work.

28 minute(s) ago

Many thanks.. Compliments my VFR trip around the UK


Could you make a regular United continental livery? (The one in the ops center has inaccurate United font)

There is a new patch out by asobo for this and the TBM830, I have removed the darkfly mod and will see if this is any better than after AAU1

Only works on the -900. Would love to see it on the ER too, as the 9K2's KLM uses are actually upgraded to be ER's and not regular 900's

38 minute(s) ago

Great! Thanks a lot! 😊

48 minute(s) ago


no body or wings visible from cabin views

Great work! PHNL was crying out for some development. I like this approach to scenery design where it's a long term work in progress and acknowledged as such, and allows small further additions to be released.

There is no light spot from the landing lights on the right engine. And the nose gear light has a different shade (more white, than another). Can you fix this?

1 hour(s) ago

Sorry, this doesn't work. And the path was not there for the plane - I created it and it still did not work.

Love the mod. Is there any way to move the poition of the checklist or tablet. I find the tablet is too to the right.

hawaiianstyle78 Floyds Epic Clouds
1 hour(s) ago

edit: nvm, found it on FAQ....bummer

hawaiianstyle78 Floyds Epic Clouds
1 hour(s) ago

does floyds clouds work with live weather?


weeena, de nada, espero que el agregado de la cola halla quedado piola.

2 hour(s) ago

I got rid of all my freeware airports that don't start with K, but this one is a cool airport.

2 hour(s) ago

This is perfect!! Thank you! I watched a youtuber using this mod and he made the impression that this mod includes a wood version for the cockpit panel, but I don't have it. Does this mod include the wood panel for the cockpit?

Wena! gracias.

Superb work! Hawaii is now taken care off. Back to Hawaiian!

Yea I thought so too, I guess the real life pictures can be a bit misleading if the sun is coming from the wrong angle. But otherwise amazing job! There is so much detail in your liveries and every detail is exactly where it is supposed to be!

2 hour(s) ago

Are the weights really correct? As they looks little bit strange.

MTOW for 737-900 (non-ER) should be lower than for ER version. IN kgs, it is approx. 79tons (non-er) vs. 85tons (er)

Profile has more-less the same MTOWs for both models. Also , MTOW does not corresponds with values provided by FMC.

2 hour(s) ago


Obg. Não cheguei a mexer nesses detalhes ainda, mas está na lista já



1 ワールドマップとLNMにヘリパッド(ヘリポート)が表示される。

2 進入経路の樹木が伐採されている。

3 ヘリパッド(ヘリポート)に照明がついている。

4 ヘリパッド(ヘリポート)にウインドソックスがついている。

5 EXCELが添付されているためメモを付けることが出来た。

CSL8:Health Sciences North HelipadはワールドマップとLNMにヘリパッド(ヘリポート)が表示されます。



Thank you for the great variety of helipads.

It was very pleasant and easy to approach and land on the helipad for the following reasons.

1 Helipad (Heliport) is displayed on the world map and LNM.

2 Trees along the approach route have been cut down.

3 The helipad (helipad) is illuminated.

4 The helipad (helipad) has a wind sock.

5 Since EXCEL is attached, I was able to attach a memo.

CSL8: Health Sciences North Helipad now has a helipad on the world map and LNM.

Show the helipad (heliport) on the world map and LNM in CPK3 and CPL2 as well.

I had a lot of fun flying it. thank you.

I assume this doesn't work on both -900 versions?

will you make an ER version as well?

2 hour(s) ago

Infinite Stars/5 for being my favorite United Livery of all time and it's nicely done. .

Could you just make it all in one downloadable folder

2 hour(s) ago

I understand the layout of the painting, but it is disproportionate to the real life painting. Texts are large and disproportionate, as well as the colors appear to be dark compared to the originals!

It is worth a review with affection in the details.

Hey there! I think I know by now after you commenting on a fair few of my liveries. I think I got the gist after you said it the first time 😁

2 hour(s) ago

Hi Nick

Looks like you, me and Groovy had the same idea! I asked Groovy yesterday to let me know what projects he is doing in future so we don't double up. He has kindly advised me so I won't build any of his upcoming builds. Be grateful if you could do the same so I don't build your projects.



Hi there Bradley, if you are so disappointed then feel free to make your own livery 😁

2 hour(s) ago


Valeu amigo, sou INVA no Aeroclube de Blumenau e está mt legal seu trabalho. Tens planos para SSBL ?

3 hour(s) ago


Mountainair Camarillo KCMA
3 hour(s) ago

Hi. Not quite sure what you mean. First time in 30,000 downloads I've been asked this. I guess the solution is to simply delete my scenery and stick with your pay-ware stuff.


Does this work on the 737-600?

3 hour(s) ago

Download the.txt file and just copy and paste the links into the browser of their choice.

Parabéns pelo lançamento, ficou show. Única coisa é esta terra vermelha demais ao redor das pistas, olhando as imagens do google maps 2023 o aeroporto não é tão vermelho, já tem muita vegetação que cobriu este vermelhão de obras. Se desse para deixar tudo mais verdinho seria show.

3 hour(s) ago

OMG OMG yes yes if you could expand Västerås Radius by 20km in diameter, Du är en Legend 😊

Hey sorry for the late message, I didn't see it. Here is the -900 link. I don't really know how to make liveries, I paid someone to make the -700 and I just converted it to the -800 and -900.