Sorry, I may have spoken prematurely. I noticed that I had downloaded PANC airport previously, and I think it's actually a conflict between the two sceneries. As an experiment, I removed PANC and didn't get the CTD, so maybe that was the problem.

Just a note however: There is an area near Lake Otis (about a mile south of PAMR) that just has pink squares...looks like a data error of some sort. It covers and area about one to two square miles.

This is nicer than most payware, I can't wait for the premium one!!

I love this paint. Quite classy. I'm attracted to blue and to white so.....

You have very good design talent. One small hickup I'm experiencing. With, say, a 200' exterior shot the interior appears pink. If I slowly view in, the pink disappears at, say, 100' or less. Anyone else experiencing this?

Showw!! Você sabe se eu consigo alterar a matricula das pinturas? Queria alguma com a matricula PT-FAM

Great plane, I fly this most of the time now. It is really well done and I am impressed that you have four versions of this plane. It flies well and I found the engine sound to be the best I heard in a piston powered plane for MSFS2020. Ever thought of modeling the RV-14?

I have three small issues/suggestions

  • I seen someone else mention it but usually the hand brake is set by pulling a knob out, not pushing it in.
  • I been using the RV7A with the glass cockpit and I find that it rolls on the ground super easily. A little more rolling friction would be more realistic.
  • More a suggestion. Again this is from flying the RV7A with glass panel. It would be nice if there was some kind of lighting on the panel at night. The Garmins are bright but I cannot see anything else. No switches on the panel nor the fuel selector.

No, put it in %appdata%\FS2Crew MSFS RAASPRO\Airports. Or just use the import button at the top of the RAAS app when it's running.

Thanks man 😊

Yeah, since I've no idea where it is in norway, I don't have any idea where to look for it on the map 😉

But thanks for providing the coordinates, that will help 😀

where do I find the reverse toggle switch on standby engines to set to max? i can't find it. it keeps going into reverse and when i press my toggle reverse button that doesn't seem to work either

You can make 2 packages: neilfb-icao-airport and neilfb-asset-pack and then you update the asset pack as needed. That would be fine. You can adapt this into your project, or just ignore the community until you get chased out.

Where do you put the file. Is it in the community?

Hey guys,

I'm having some issues with this app. I've set up the two folders for the community as per the guide. However, the addon linker program doesn't show the disabled/enabled symbols next to my mod folders in the drop down list. Is there something i'm doing wrong?

Also my drop down list doesn't show the number of mods per folder as per the various guides i've seen.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

This is awesome, @Windhover! Thank you!

I'm just starting to learn Blender, so it would be awesome if you could figure out the path problem so we could recolor these. But in the meantime, thank you again for sharing.

Hola. Olvidé decirte que si funciona con el ultimo update. Saludos

to get the plane to not go in reverse, where is the toggle switch on the standby engine to set to max? I can't find it

I own a FK9 Mk5, I believe the flight characteristics are almost the same as the Mk 4, can u confirm?

What engine is this modelled on, the Rotax 80HP or 100HP?

Thanks for making an FK9 model, really great!!!!

It's huge but it looks awesome.

Looks really great. Unfortunately, I couldn't make use of it, due to continuous CTDs.

Perfeitamente compatível com o SU7

Very nice and enjoyable little plane, thanks and good job.

How do I install this? Thanks!

Ligeiro decréscimo nos frames mas perfeitamente funcional com a versão 7

well that's nice of you, I meant it as a joke. Thank you!

Bravo et Merci infiniment pour cette sublime livrée c'est avec impatience que j'attend le prochain vol de groupe

Best freeware plane ive flown in the sim. A few minor issues ive noticed, but no big deal at all!

Re: gun, what is the real range of a real Super Hornet? What is it in DCS? Or what is it with the VRS F18 in P3D? We don't want too easy, otherwise you get the "arcade" treatment. (But we get that, even when real life can seem "arcady"; at least are not "arcady"!). Personally, I would always go for realistic and hard.

What is the current gun range?

Re: tailhook, OK. Shame that the angle can't be increased from fully up to much lower than default. Yes, Asobo surely will see that: I saw that in the first few minutes I used it 2 months ago!

Thank you for this, updated repaints are always nice!

It Runway Advisory & Awareness System. New product out by Fs2Crew and gives call out for various situations

That's wonderful! Realistic Osaka Airport has evolved more realistically! It's a request, but can you make it respond to AIG traffic like Haneda Airport? In the case of Osaka Airport, the north side is JAL, JAC, AMX, and the south side is ANA and IBEX.

This seems like a really cool concept. Am I correct in saying that it is NOT automatic, and you have to place the pins yourself?

Didn't Asobo release a lot more smaller airports for the US and elsewhere? I seem to remember seeing a list for these somewhere.

That is correct. Like a desktop shortcut to a profile.

Thanks you for your work and reply. In that case nothing more for you to do. Cheers!

It's like a roller coaster. When I took off it tended to go a bit to the left but managed to control it, maybe was the wind. I landed by a bit of the runway too I think it is no good idea to fly live weather and then it is impossible to climb it but it was fun

The way they did the prop texture was a pain. Took me a while but it's added now.