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Contrails and heat haze from the engines would make the external model perfect 😀

I deleted the registration from the fuselage in version in link below.

I guess this what you mean?

See link:


Thanks for your hard work, just a heads up you might want to double check the weight limits, not sure where you got them but they don't agree with what I'm seeing from online sources or in SimBrief.


After Orbx Mumbai this product crashes the sim.

Can you please update it?


Great job, maybe add a functional DME, that would be great for conventional IFR flights

To me POI's identify accurate reproductions of objects and thus interesting to see. Went to Fort Henry - only saw the default (not a fort at all). Therefore not a point of interest . Same with the majority of identified POIs...... Other than that, good work. Thank You!

Хвала друже! Шта радимо следеће?

0.2 Looks so nice, probably the best mod for the CS 777 so far.

The reversers increase my speed have i done anything wrong? but other wise a a great aircraft.

Found it here in Aircraft Additions after it was pointed out in a MSFS forum. Thanks for the heads up.

Yes. They're static. They're all starred locations. On the flight planning screen type in 'carrier' and the list will appear.

where can i find these when i have installed them? are they at set locations?

it doesn't matter if it is free or not.

It does matter though if it's good or not.

Thank you for providing this POI add-on. I had created a showcase video at


What is the key to deploy the aerial refuleing sistem? And btw love the plane but it would be a perfect plane if you would add an animation when breaking the sound barrier 😊)

Love this idea! I wonder what other ancient migrations could be turned into flight plans.

This is one of the best add-ons for enhancing the atmosphere and at the gates!!

The perfect tool for making bush trips! I am having a great time creating new routes for the community thanks to this add-on!!!

Wow! I am so fascinated about Norilsk and glad to see that there is such a good freeware scenery available! Thank you! Love from Germany

Wow! I am amazed. The airport looks like a Star Wars Star Destroyer 😀

Eine der besten Freeware-Szenerien für Deutschland!! Danke

Superb! I love the check in counter and all the interior!!

Great to see so many freeware airports available for Russia. Good work 😊

Great work. Looks suberb at night. This demonstrates how bespoke buildings make a big difference. Very inspiring. I tried it out with my freshly released YSBK scenery and it works fine:


Wonderful! I use this livery as my standard livery for A320neo

Beautiful work, excellent attention to detail. Yet another amazing project, thanks for sharing your talent with us!

Thanks.. I could scale them down a bit.. however they are pretty close as I took the dimensions off the specs.. Perhaps you are referring to the container ship. That one I didn't create so it may be a bit large.

Thanks. always looking for ways to improve.

So far the best and most useful Tool for MSFS! It is easy to use and works perfectly.