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note : for the detailed changelog, please check the 'changelog' tab at the top of the page, below are just general informations

Addons linker / Addon linker

** added 2021.06.06 **

new version, finally a little map for all those who requested it, hopefully some of you will find useful.

Please check the what's new (changelogs) for info on how to use the map (it's simple but still 2-3 things to know). I also added a little head up towards another addon manager that you might find interesting.


** added 2021.03.13 **

a new very well done video by badGamr has been posted on Youtube


It's based on the latest version (as of today) and covers most of the features, a must see if you need some help or are starting with the tool or have some questions about it

Many thanks badGamr !

** added 2020.10.24 **

another updated video by LostPilot, with some UI tips, many many thanks

** added 2020.10.20 **
updated video by lostboii/lostpilot, big thanks again

** added 2020.10.13 **
little video to get you started with the tool made by lostboii, many thanks to him


Another little addon manager. Made to match my own needs and just sharing with the community.

I tried to keep the UI very simple but it should hopefully do the job 'feature-wise'.

- lets you organize your addon freely in folder and subfolders in your folder of choice
- will create links in the community folder. There is no need to move files in and out of the folder.
- very easy to activate/deactivate groups of addons (single click)
- lets you save presets of addons
- lets you rename addons (link will be automatically updated)
- lets you add / update / remove addons

Installation :
- just extract all the files and drop them in a folder of your choice and run the EXE file

usage :
- create a folder where you will put your addons, add your addons in there instead of putting them in the community folder, you can create as many subfolder as you want to organize your files efficiently
- launch the application, in the options screen set your 'addon folder' and your 'community folder'
- just click on the checkbox to activate/deactivate addons
- rest should be fairly easy to understand (little quickstart guide should be coming soon if needed)

notes :
- if it doesn't work please try to set the application to run as admin, if it works but you still get the message at the start, just disable the message in the options screen
 -i was made aware that other tools seem to do pretty much the same things but probably with some differences (have not tested them though because i learned about them after mine was released last week), anyway each has probably its own advantage and it's just free and just for fun, so you can freely decide to use mine if you find it useful.

big thanks to the guys in the AVSIM forum that helped me testing the very first versions with feedback and ideas. I will now post it here exclusively making it easier to maintain for eventual updates.

Thank you

Часто задаваемые вопросы
How to install / update ?

Simply unzip all included file in the zip in a folder of your choice. For updating, repeat the same process after deleting the files that came with the previous version.

Will my settings be kept after an update ?

Yes, the settings are saved in a different folder (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker). The presets are also stored in that folder by default but they might be in another folder if you changed their locations in the options screen (so make sure you don't delete them if you changed the location manually).

Can i save the columns order / size ?

yes, there is an option for that in the right click menu (save columns order / size). If you do that, the column order will be restored on the next restart of the tool

After launching the tool i see the icon in my taskbar but the screen does not show up, WTH ?

oops, the tool saves it's locations when closed. If you change monitor settings between 2 sessions (for example going form dual screen setup to a single screen setup) it might happen that the screen is restored outside of the boundaries of your current screen, so it will be there but you wont' see it :)

You can fix that easily by going to the configuration folder (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker), open the ini file with notepad and remove the tree lines below :


On the next restart the app should show up correctly on your screen.

I'm getting 'can not read manifest.json file', addons do not work when moved outside of the community folder

This is unfortunately an issue some users having the MS-Store version faced. When addons are placed in the community folder they are somewhat encrypted (not exactly sure what Windows does). When you move them elsewhere, they don't work anymore. It seems to be a Windows limitation and there's not much we can do. For some users copying the addons instead of moving them fixed the issue but that doesn't seem to work for everyone. In the worst case you would need to redownload the addons having the problem and place them directly in your custom addon folder.

I have a crash when .......

please send me a private message on this site (there is a little option 'private message to bad2000' in the action menu on the main addon page) with the detailed error message that you get. I'll do my best to try to fix

Can I apply multiple presets at once ?

yes, you can do that either by using the 'presets screen' available in the toolbar menu, in that screen you can select several presets and apply them at once. You can also use the button 'apply cumulative' at the bottom of the addons list. That button will apply the selection of the presets without removing the currently selected addons.

I get invalid links if i rename / remove addons via the Windows Explorer

this is normal because if you do operations via the Windows explorer the links can not be maintained (for renaming for example there is an option directly in the tool's right click menu, if you do that inside the tool the link will be maintained by the tool). Anyway if you get invalid links you can delete them easily with the right click menu 'delete invalid links' on the right panel (they can be spotted easily because they will be with a red background), then just recreate the link for the desired addon.

Will there be a map for addons ?

Well there are now other tools now that do pretty much the same as mine and that already include maps. So my prototype with a map for which i posted some screnshots a few months ago has been pretty much been discontinued for now. Not sure if i'll work on that anymore (i really don't want to enter competition with other addons, if others are better it's very ok for me, all this is just for fun for me)

Where is the manual ?

there is none .. shame on me for sure ;) It should be fairly easy to use though and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

There are also some videos about the tool that have been popping up on Youtube, they can certainly help understanding the basics (many thanks to their authors).

Donations ?

Thank you very much about thinking about making a donation. I really appreciate that but it's ok, there's already so much stuff to pay for nowadays, just enjoy the little tool if you think it can be useful for you and don't worry about money.

How to uninstall everything / start new ?

To remove completely the application you need to remove two folders.

- the folder in which you unzipped all files

- the configuration folder that is created automatically when the tool is run for the first time and where your settings are saved (C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker)

if you do that it will be like if you had never installed the tool.

Do I really have to launch the tool 'as admin' ?

The real reply would be NO. But well, it's a bit difficult, the more precise reply is 'not anymore since v0.8' but YES if you have already used older version of the tool.

Unfortunately it was required for earlier version (because the tool was creating links that needed admin rights, now not anymore). The fact that it was required in earlier versions means that now your configuration files are saved 'as admin' and if you run the tool 'not as admin' you wouldn't be able to update them so you are pretty much forced to continue running the tool as admin. It's a bit annoying.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info and don't want to run it 'as admin' anymore because it would be as simple as recreating your configuration files without admin rights.

Why do some addons show up in red ?

The red color is just a warning (everything will work fine). It indicates that you have two (or more) addons with the same name in different folders. Those are probably duplicates that need to be checked.


Эти пользователи пожертвовали bad2000 чтобы он продолжал создавать потрясающие дополнения, которыми могут наслаждаться все.

Здесь довольно пусто.

  • Version 0.10.7829.39 June 08, 2021

    Sorry for a little forced hotfix-update, i had to correct 3 little bugs that were introduced in the last version (+ quickly added 2 little easy requests)

    FIX : Selection from the gallery screen was causing a crash (as seen in OverKill recent video, thank you ;) )

    FIX : Removed 'folder' and 'scan time' from the auto-generated filter list on the right panel (was probably slowing down the panel for some of you with lots of addons and filtering those values makes no sense)

    FIX : Fixed 'Show labels checkbox' being checked but no labels shown after reopening the map screen

    NEW : possible to choose between the 'title' and the 'folder name' for the labels and tooltips of the map's dots (selectable in the options screen). If the title is not filled in the manifest.json file, the 'folder name' will be used regardless of this setting.

    NEW : added counter for the number of folders in the community folder (right click menu in the community panel of the main screen). I will probably add those on all grid soon, it's sometimes nice to see how many elements are shown.

    HELP : if you tried the 'teleport' function on the map, you will have noticed that sim is paused after the aircraft is moved, that's by design so it will let your scenery reload faster and you'll be ready to take control of your plane when you want and the sim is ready. I think the 'unpause' key is not mapped by default, so some of you might have been stuck, the unpause (PAUSE OFF) key has to be mapped as seen on the screen here --> https://imgur.com/Xb2yvGq (i can add an option to 'not pause' after moving if that requirement to map the 'pause off' key is too annoying)

    ** edit ** was already requested to remove the automatic pause (see HELP note above), i have uploaded an optional updated EXE with an additional option in the options screen to remove the PAUSE (all the rest is the same so no need to download it if you don't use that feature or don't care about that option). This will obviously also be included in the next official version.
    --> https://gofile.io/d/3xjFBB

    Hopefully I didn't break anything this time, and thanks again to everyone who helped me with tests and feedback.

  • Version 0.10.7827.17 June 06, 2021

    hello, another little version, this time i tried to include a little map for easier activation/deactivation of addons (probably the most requested feature i had). I know it still has some shortcomings but i already release it 'as is' to have feedback and see if it's worth continuing working on the map or not.

    - NEW : simple map to select / unselect addons
    - IMPROVED : counter of addons on the folder level was only counting the addons in its own folders (1st level), now the counter correctly counts also what is in the subfolders
    - IMPROVED : Little fixes here and there
    - NOTE : make sure you replace all files and not just the EXE, some files have been updated and new files have been added

    basic map usage (will try to do a little video or a pdf soon) :

    - you can launch the map via the little button in the toolbar at the top

    - To select multiple addons at once on the map use SHIFT + MOUSECLICK to draw a rectangle around the addons you want to select. CTRL + click let you multi-select single elements. If you want to add items to the selection, toggle the right click menu option called 'continuous selection'

    - The options to activate/deactivate addons are in the right click menu of the map (red=link not activated / green = link activated / blue = selected).

    - there is a little expandable filter panel on the right that can be shown when clicking on it (at the top)

    - If you use the 'move aircraft option' and it will be placed at the altitude specified in the options panel. If its too high or low based on the current location, just change the altitude and click 'move user aircraft at altitude' and it will be instantly repositionned. If you are connected to the simulator you can also view the current aircraft position on the map. The idea is to be able to 'visit your addon' and check if they work without having to fly over them manually. (the move fuction is available in the right click menu of the grid and the map)

    - You can also load a flightplan that will show on the map. The idea of this is showing where you will go and help selecting the addons you need.

    - for addons that are not correctly recognized, you can edit their data with the right click option on the grid. I will try to improve some the 'recognition' with time

    - The first loading of the map will be a bit slower because it will scan the addons, then the data will be saved so it should be quick.

    - there are a few more options for the map in the usual 'options screen'

    ** HEAD UP **

    my tool has become quite popular because, when it was released, there were not many alternatives, thank you all for you feedback. I just want to take advantage of this popularity to shift the spotlight to another developer doing an addon manager that has probably one gazillion (and a half) more options than mine --> https://flightsim.to/file/8349/mfs-addon-locator

    I think he might be happy to see a few more users for his tool, based on the screenshots and features lists it's seems way more complete than mine and most of the stuff seems to be done automatically, so probably some of you will prefer that (not even speaking about the map features that seem to be way more advanced than my new tiny little map). It's based on the same idea as mine (links to community folder). With 115 updates in 115 days (something i wouldn't be able to do for sure) it's needless to say that he working actively on his tool and his skill level is probably around 500% higher than mine :)

    My tool was the first around and was released 9 months ago, since then a lot has changed and some poeple now have several thousands of addons. So yeah this little 'head up' is just to let you kow there are alternatives if you weren't aware of that. Seeing the effort he put in his tool i think that guy deserves a bit of more visibility. I make 0.00$ with this tool so it's pleasure to share this info, would probably be different if i sold it haha :)

    To be honest i haven't tested that other tool because mine is obviously tailored for my own need and i don't have that many addons, but for some of you it might be a step up.

    That being said, NO WORRY, if you still like my tool i will continue to work on it based on your feedback and request like i always did.

    Thank you.

  • Version 0.9.7799.243 May 09, 2021

    hello, a little update with a few requests filled :

    NEW : MaterialLibs folder renamer. It will work like the 'modellib file renamer' and will prevent having several subfolders with the same name in the materiallibs folder (can cause MSFS crashes as explained here : https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ctds-caused-by-3rd-party-airports/339377/47). As always with these options that change files on your disk and that are a bit more advanced, use them only if you know and understand what they do.

    NEW : You can now specify that an addon will never be disabled when you apply a preset even if the preset does not contain it. You can set that value by checking the 'Exclude from preset' column or by using the right click menu 'do not deselct this addon when applying presets'

    NEW : You can now install addons using the 7Zip file format (7z)

    NEW : You can now drag&drop addons (zip/rar/7z) from the Windows explorer directly on the tool main view and the installation will begin (drop the files on the folder where you want them to be installed)
    ** edit ** sorry, i just notcied (thanks fifuke) that Windows doesn't allow drag/drop when a program is run as admin, please check the FAQ on the main page if you need some info about the 'run as admin' situation, i'll try to figure out a solution ** end of edit **

    IMPROVED : there are no more limits on dependencies, now a dependency can have it's own dependencies (multi-level dependencies are now supported)

    IMPROVED : You can now select multiple addons for installation/update

    IMPROVED : The grid view now allows you to save the column order/size (right click menu)

    MISC : Little fixes here and there

    Thanks as always to the people who contributed with feedback and ideas.

  • Version 0.9.7778.338 April 18, 2021

    sorry for the little forced update

    HOTFIX : previous version from earlier today would display an error message when loading the grid view if you had 'disable file stats' in the options screen.

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7zip support?
May 09, 2021
Multiple addon install?
May 04, 2021
URL not saved?
March 27, 2021
Light red row backrounds in Addons pane
March 17, 2021
Tool issue
February 24, 2021
Linker addon problem
February 24, 2021
Addons not supported
October 31, 2020

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1,582 Комментарии

Any chance of command line options, in particularly, as way to select and activate one of the presets.

ie MSFS_AddonsLinker.exe -P "my preset 1"

where \MSFS_AddonsLinker.exe would load and automatically select and activate preset "my preset 1" and then close. (maybe close if -C in command line)

This would be particularly useful in may situations, especially when MSFS is stated with a STARTUP SCRIPT, where various programs are run before starting MSFS.

One could be MSFS_AddonsLinker.exe, which could even be selected from a Menu of various MSFS_AddonsLinker.exe Presets

Hello! Why do I have an addon with a red text (and a green activated circle)? It is activated, but the text is red.

Thanks for your work. This is a great addon

This addon is fantastic. A larger toolbar icon size would be great.

Fantastic work !! Thanyou, it is just what i needed .Works a great

I do love your new version with the map, but is it possible to add all the airports included in FS2020 by asobo ?

I am also getting a virus warning in the latest version "Trojan:Win32/Prowloc.A!cl"

I didnt get this in any previous versions, can you provide a link for version 9 if poss. Thanks for an awsome programme by the way 😊

the single most helpful addon for msfs.. i am in awe. so many brilliant features!! thank you so much, keep up the great work and have a nice day! 😊

Can't thank you enough for this awesome utility! I have a question - does the utility check for software upgrades for the content downloaded into the community folder, or do I have to check for updates manually? Thanks!

Hello, great job. Please can you

put the translation in French and perfection will be on this software

thank you

Bonjour, superbe travail. S'il vous plait, pouvez-vous

mettre la traduction en français et la perfection sera sur ce logiciel


So far so good but I'd love to be able to change the CONTENT TYPE when the application incorrectly lists a mod as AIRCRAFT for example.

Super Mise a jour. Un très grand merci 😉

Fantastic job

your tool is essential for MSFS

once again huge thank you

2 small questions (if they have already been asked, do not answer them, I will search):

1- would it be possible to launch Addon Linker from a second PC, in order to relieve the main one?

2- would it be possible to add a set of personal POIs on the map (without mod) for example auto-motorcycle racing circuits, in order to orient oneself to go over them in the basic configuration of MSFS?

Your link in the changelog to the no-pause version is detected as a virus by MS Defender, whereas the latest update from here is ok.

The new map feature is excellent. Like the all the rest of the program. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Any idea as to why antivirus keeps reporting the MFS_AddonsLinker as virus in this new version 0.10?

It didn't happen in previous versions.

The map is the perfect addition. Thank you.

Please add an option to 'not pause' after moving. Requirement to map the 'pause off' key is too annoying!


I have a suggestion, Is it possible to show on the map the default MSFS handcrafted airports. I think it will help in making flight plans to see their locations relevant to the freeware and payware addons.

Standard=30, Deluxe=35 and premium=40 airports.

Thank you and best regards,

@bad2000, please keep refining your add-on manager and don't give up just yet, because you have a huge user following.

The moving map feature is great!

Now, if you could just add and display on the map, the live telemetric data like altitude, heading, vertical speed etc. it would be just great!

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