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Version 1.6
Первый выпуск June 06, 2021
Последнее обновление September 28, 2021
Размер файла 4.89 MB
Downloads 1,508
Status Еще не скачано
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  • Version 1.6 September 28, 2021

    - Flights can now be renamed.
    - "Open last flight" systray command.

    - Decreased coordinates precision in GPX files to save space.

    - Fixed crash when trying to save a file with a empty trackpoint list.
    - Aircraft must now be still on the ground for the flight to be finished (fixes cases when landing with parking brakes already engaged).

  • Version 1.5 July 21, 2021

    Hotfix for a bug introduced in 1.4

    - Fixed a bug in event recording.

  • Version 1.4 July 21, 2021

    - More events are recorded, in addition to takeoffs and landings : flaps, landing gear, autopilot, stall warnings, overspeed warnings.
    - Events can be included or not in exported GPX/KML files (see Settings page).
    - More data is recorded: Flight number, airline, aircraft registration, airports continent, country and region.
    - Flights can now be sorted and grouped.
    - Updated airport database to include closed airports.
    - Optimized data pulling from MSFS.
    - Smaller exported GPX/KML files.

    - Fixed event recording (some could be missed).

  • Version 1.3 July 03, 2021

    - Flight list compact view (use the Settings page)
    - Bug report submission via GitHub

    - SimFlightPath shouldn't crash anymore when MSFS crashes.

    Known issue
    - A NullReferenceException is sometimes thrown when saving a flight. Hopefully the bug reports will help to sort this out.

  • Version 1.2 June 28, 2021

    - Flight merge feature

    - Fix for a crash when "Start with Windows" is enabled.
    - Fix for error messages infinite loop.

  • Version 1.1 June 10, 2021

    - "Draw extrude wall" option for KML export
    - Notification area (system tray) icon
    - "Run SimFlightPath at Windows startup" option
    - "Hide main window on startup" option
    - "Close to notification area" option

    - Revamped Settings page
    - Opened converted files are now written in a temp directory. Remaining KML files in the Flights directory can be safely deleted.
    - Allow only one running instance of the application

    - Fix for a crash when MSFS is closed during recording
    - Fix for flight naming when one city name is missing
    - Fix for looped error messages

  • Запущен June 06, 2021

    Первый релиз этого файла только что был запущен. Добро пожаловать на борт!

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28 Комментарии

Probably the most efficient software to automatically log your flight experiences. Definitely recommend the export to Google Earth application as the 3D visualization is mind blowing.



27 day(s) ago / Поблагодарили Romanito

This is hands down my favourite flight recorder.

I was wondering whether it would be possible to add more information about the flight (G-force, speed, autopilot adjustments, flight plan changes, go arounds/aborted take-off, etc).

I'd love to see Self-loading Cargo integration!



1 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили Romanito

Absolutely amazing app! My must-have. Works perfectly, have very nice interface. Amazing job! I love how I can see 3d path of plane and also have all events logged - allows me to evaluate flights! Love it! 😊



2 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили Romanito

I love this tool. It does exactly what i want it to. The only issue i seem to have is that when i try to save the flight plans to google earth, google earth corrupts them on reload. Anyone have any ideas as to the cause?



3 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили Romanito

In my opinion, it's one of the most useful software for MSFS. Great job !! Coin-coin !



3 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили Romanito

I've been looking for an app like this that saves flight paths to GPX files so that I can geotag my screenshots in Darktable. This is the app I've needed to do that. Thank you so much!



3 month(s) ago / Поблагодарили Romanito

Great APP exactly what I was looking for.

The GPX can be imported into Locus (Android).

And Google Earth Pro looks great.

It would be nice if it is possible to sort the recordings into their own categories.


It has completely fouled up my airports list and now I can't program the FMS !!!!! saying not in database !

Great software tool to log a visual flight path and then view it on Google Earth.

You log the takeoff and landing "events" and mark them on the map. Any chance you could add a few more logged events for gear up/down and flap movement for that to be visible on the map?

Super idée. Merci aux canards volants 😉

Probably the most efficient software to automatically log your flight experiences. Definitely recommend the export to Google Earth application as the 3D visualization is mind blowing.

Interesting. Going to follow this and see how it develops!

I meant to note that the DropBox syncing is not working, it says its over the limit. That said it works great without it since I have Google Earth and can just upload the file manually if I want to use other tools.

Wonderful tool. Thank you!

very cool !!! Good job and thanks !!!

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