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Version 3.0.0
Первый выпуск October 20, 2021
Последнее обновление December 18, 2021
Размер файла 153.88 MB
Downloads 17,047
Status Еще не скачано
Этот файл просканирован на наличие вирусов и безопасен для скачивания.
Совместимость с Sim Update 7 было подтверждено.


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  • Version 3.0.0 December 18, 2021

    Wingman Modern UI 3.0

    compatible with current version of MSFS 2020 and Beta
    language-neutral loading screen
    completely redesigned profile overview page
    small bug fixes and optimizations
    New !!! contains Wingman Reno Air Races Addon

    Wingman Reno Air Races Addon

    compatible with current version of MSFS 2020 and Beta
    new loading screen
    revised start page
    uniform design (blue color scheme)
    reworked ranking page
    blue labeled polygons, for better orientation during a race
    usable independently from the Wingman Modern UI addon

  • Version 2.5.1 November 19, 2021

    Fixed display error of the wigets on the home screen
    Lite version now without new loading screen

  • Version 2.5.0 November 19, 2021

    Compatible with Sim Update 7
    New loading screen when starting MSFS 2020
    Italian language added
    Size of the full version reduced by 100 MB
    VR version (without semi-transparent toolbar) added
    added 3 new weather presets as bonus for the first 10.000 downloads

  • Version 2.4.0 November 03, 2021

    By request of the community, a full as well as light version of the modification is now available.

    added new colored icons for weather presets

    new icons for the view selection in the hangar

  • Version 2.3.0 October 30, 2021

    several small bug fixes
    added animated loading screen when starting MSFS 2020
    added animated backgrounds for the world map and store on the main screen
    the additional weather presets, are now displayed sorted
    new, uniformly designed screen for the options menu

  • Version 2.2 October 25, 2021

    Download and installation size reduced by 70%

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160 Комментарии

There is an issue in the options menu. When you go to options/general options and press DATA and then press Manual Cache VIEW

the General options tab stays on instead of minimizing, leaving the Manual Cache map useless.

I absolutely love your UI and I hope that you will fix this issue

Nicely made. It is a real improvement. I can recommend the mod to everyone. Easy install. Thank you!

Very nice overhaul.

But I would have preferred to have a neutral loading screen than "MODERN UI BY WINGMAN" right in the center of the screen...

Hi! It´s working pretty good and fast but... How do I access the current spotlight event? Also i think there is some issue in the Reno menu. There are at least 5 windows boxes (leaderboard, race, etc.) but i think a slider could be necessary, last one is cut in half. (1080p screen)

Cant use MSFS without this anymore, just feels incomplete. Wonderfull work.

This seems like a brilliant addon. What I would like more than anything is for MSFS to remember all settings from my previous flight, together with a reset button. This would cut out the hassle of re-setting every single setting if I start a flight and realise I want to go back and change something. Would this be possible in an addon do you think?

There are two files to download. Must you download both? It says nothing in your introductory notes.

¡Impresionante! Awesome! Tx.

I have had to revert to the original menu because your mod doesnt work for me when i try to go to the Content Manager 😞

One of the best addons for MSFS.

how do i open the toolbar windows ... i only have the pause and settings icon ... but i can't open any windows


I am unable to rotate the globe. Zoom in and out is OK, but cannot rotate the globe. Is there a fix?

Working great in my MSFS 2020 SU7 desktop version. Great design and features! Yes, wording should say "Departure is preparing..." or better, what was suggested by gazmac52.

With your talent, I would like to request the option the user being able to see perhaps ten (10) most-recent departure and arrival "HISTORY" of airports, and not so many "RECOMMENDED AIRPORTS". There's a group of simmers who have been requesting this from MS for several years now.

Thank you! Great job!


unfortunately are most of the thumbnails in the hangar to big, only part of the objects is visible. In the first edition it was ok.

If I install your VR version of the mod and then try to switch to 2D, I have no toolar at all. Is there a way to activate the toolbar without having to exit MSFS 2020 and reinstall the full version of your mod and restart?

Fantastic work, thank you. Allow me to make one small correction. On the opening page it would read much better (for English speakers) if it read:-

"Prepare for Departure"

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