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Version 1.2
Первый выпуск January 11, 2022
Последнее обновление January 16, 2022
Размер файла 206.05 MB
Downloads 2,885
GPS Координаты 34.860548744923946, 136.81038700179187
Status Еще не скачано
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Совместимость с Sim Update 7 было подтверждено.


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  • Version 1.2 January 16, 2022

    - slightly modified ILS - no changes other than that.

    - added non-static option as separate download

  • Version 1.1 January 12, 2022

    Corrected ILS frequencies

  • Запущен January 11, 2022

    Первый релиз этого файла только что был запущен. Добро пожаловать на борт!

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47 Комментарии

Absouletly stunned with the level of detail. This is top tier payware quality, you did an amazing job creating this!

That's wonderful! It's too wonderful! I'm impressed.

It's a request. Can I add a dream lifter and An-124 static plane?

Also, is it possible to make the parking spot correspond to AIG traffic? Domestic flights are in the north half and international flights in the southern half.

Hello, this is a beautiful airport and likely the best freeware airport made for Japan. I love it!

Only little thing. I downloaded the version with no statics, but it still has a few statics, as you can see here.

Could you please check?

Why are there 3 files? I got that one is an option without the static aircraft. But there are still 2 files left - and only the main file is updated?

This is totally payware quality and perhaps a bit more polished on top of that. Tremendous work done on this Airport. It must be one of the best !

This has been fixed in v1.2.

Thank you very much.

Currently, the game captures an offset ILS with the wrong value.

Also, when I look at the airport in Little Navmap, the ILS is displayed twice.

Please check if there is an extra element <ILS> in the element <Airport> of the scenery xml file.

It is probably duplicated with the element <ILS> in the element <Runway>.

If it is in the element <Airport>, you can delete the element <ILS> in the element <Airport> and put the correct value in the element <ILS> in the element <Runway>.

The following is the correct data

RWY18 Ident:ICY Frequency:109.70 Heading:177 Mag:8(probably)

RWY36 Ident:ICX Frequency:111.90 Heading:357 Mag:8(probably)

Looks incredible, putting this as a permanent freeware in my folder!

Just one question, can you make a version without static aircraft? They don't work well together with Vatsim activities...

Edit: Solved with v1.2, greatly appreciated!

Definitely payware quality: great terminal, just the right amount of ground clutter, the whole of the airport is modeled, not just the main buildings, etc. Suggest setting up Buy Me a Coffee because I think some folks would like to express their thanks more concretely. Kudos, highly recommended!

I made a comparison video between the dominicdesignteam payware and this freeware:

The payware suffers from a bad orthophoto with 3d-object mismatch, the freeware looks cleaner.

Pro Payware:

  • nicer looking land-protection (wavebreakers)
  • ships everywhere making the place look more alive
  • Gimmick: dreamlifter

Pro this freeware:

  • ground looks cleaner, no jagged satellite photo
  • superb interior model of main terminal
  • Gimmick: Animated Radar towers

Of course, if franzlhuber would add some boats around the artificial island, the freeware would win, no question 😊

I'm really impressed that this quality and free software. thank you very much. We wish you all the best in the future.

フリーを 超えていった

Thanks for sharing this, really good quality!

Amazing work! Thanks so much!!

Hi, thank you for the ILS fix. One more little suggestion - is it possible to do something with the glass reflections? I noticed that there are some strange A320neo cockpit reflections going on. Also noticed a minor flickering at the terminal.

I tried to land on runway 36 with 320 NX.

Frequency is 111.90 The frequency is input, but it does not work when the approach button is pressed, and the localizer and glider slope are also not captured. 

The LOC frequencies for RWY18 and 36 are reversed.

The correct frequency is 109.7 for RWY18 and 111.9 for RWY36.

great. Will ILS be fixed?

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